IT Projects

Does your in-house IT team lack the specific expertise needed for your next big IT project? Is there a lack of internal resources and time for implementation? Whatever the challenge may be, GURU can deliver IT infrastructure solutions and services to help you tackle your IT projects. Our highly skilled engineers can plan, implement, and deploy your network while giving your team the proper guidance and direction to make your vision a reality.

Our team excels at core project-management practices, such as short delivery cycles and rigorous quality checks. We provide strategic planning and make sure any project your business ventures into is completed on time and under any budget constraints.

When we approach IT projects, we:

  • Assign a dedicated project manager and engineer
  • Perform a technical review to assess your project needs, including infrastructure assessment, network security risk analysis, and more
  • Establish a scope of work that includes the proposal, our timeline, and detailed descriptions of what will occur during your project
  • Perform quality checks every step of the way

IT projects touch so many parts of organizations and there are
always risks. It is imperative to build a trusted relationship, where
we can guide you in making the right executive decisions when it
comes to upgrading your IT infrastructure. When that time comes,
we believe the foundational piece in making any IT project
succeed is having a trusted team in the background.

Our IT infrastructure solutions and services include:

  • Office relocation planning and assistance
  • Network Infrastructure Management - Our engineers can provide a thorough Infrastructure and network assessment and work with your team to design, and deploy your new system
  • Infrastructure Hardware and Software Implementation - We can integrate new solutions and upgrade your existing network
  • Network Infrastructure Security - Our network security risk assessment and mitigation services will ensure your sensitive data is fully protected
  • Disaster Preparedness - We’ll develop an emergency response plan to recover vital data and reduce the impact of any potential disaster.
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Services

For more information on our IT infrastructure solutions and services, call us at 301.987.8950 or contact us online.