Managed IT Services

GURU Guardian® Managed IT Services

When it comes to network management and security, it’s vital that your business remains proactive. Network outages, performance degradation, cyber-attacks, and other issues can negatively impact your bottom line. Simply reacting to problems and putting out fires as they appear can reduce revenue, decrease client satisfaction, and damage your organization’s reputation. Proactively monitoring and managing your business’ IT infrastructure is the only way to stay ahead of imminent issues and protect your vital data. GURU Guardian’s managed infrastructure services are our solution. GURU Guardian is a hybrid network management and security system that monitors network performance, prevents business disruption, proactively responds to potential threats, and quickly deploys new software. Using a combination of remote and on-site support, GURU Guardian will maintain network security and promptly resolve issues, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your long term IT plans.

Onsite Managed IT Services

You are not limited to GURU Guardian’s remote IT management and support features: we understand the importance of having capable engineers onsite. For this reason, we have highly-skilled engineers available for dispatch in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia when needed. They can come onsite to solve issues that cannot be resolved remotely and are also available for onsite strategic meetings.

Server Performance Reporting

GURU Guardian can also help you understand your data. Our insightful reporting can help you quickly:

  • Identify network bandwidth issues
  • Monitor metrics
  • Predict the lifespan of your hardware

Most importantly, our server performance-monitoring tools and reports will give you a better understanding of what these mean to your business, allowing you to quickly make informed decisions.

Remote Server Monitoring

GURU Guardian monitors your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making it a proactive service versus the reactive “break-it-fix-it” model. Our remote server monitoring tool enables management and automation of all IT from a single location. This includes:

GURU Guardian’s remote support also has the ability to respond to tier 1-, 2- and most tier 3-level issues within 30 minutes. We’ll quickly work to find a solution to the problem and determine its underlying causes. With GURU Guardian’s remote IT management, you can rest easy knowing that your critical infrastructures are being monitored and protected.

  • Remote control and assistance
  • Patch management
  • Discovery
  • Audit and inventory of IT assets
  • Monitoring
  • Ticketing
  • Service desk
  • Software delivery
  • Endpoint protection
  • Security management

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Don’t just fight fires, prevent them with GURU Guardian’s Managed IT Services. At a fixed monthly rate, you’ll have access to proactive network monitoring, patch management, desktop optimization, and more—with no additional overages. With these and our other IT services, you will notice a tremendous difference in operations.

Why GURU Guardian’s Managed IT Services?

The reactive, “break-it-fix-it” model is no longer capable of keeping up with business needs. This reactive method is essentially the definition of Murphy’s Law: “…if something can go wrong, it will…and usually at the worst time.” This is not the way to build a foundational IT infrastructure for any business, especially one that relies on technology for daily needs. GURU Guardian’s managed infrastructure services reject the reactive mindset. We continuously maintain your network and re-evaluate your IT needs as time progresses. We have quarterly meetings where you can discuss your long-term goals with one of our leading engineers. These quarterly meeting are essential to ensuring our team understands your company’s IT needs.