Big Data Architecture & Hosting

Not everyone has the resources to effectively store and support large amounts of data, but don’t fret, your IT GURUs are here to help. When it comes to your big data, maintaining access and complete transparency to your infrastructure is top priority. With our unique approach of combining our Information Technology and Business Intelligence expertise, we provide big data architecture and hosting solutions that meet all your data needs.

Big Data Migration Services

When switching platforms, it’s important to transfer big data quickly and securely to ensure minimal operational disruptions and resume service as quickly as possible. How can you achieve this seamless data migration? Let GURU make the transition for you. Our data migration services will help your company decide which migration tool and is right for your data and work with you to ensure to limited network disruptions and downtime.

Big Data Architecture Services

Your big data architecture lays the foundation for your entire business. It determines how your data is stored and how it can be retrieved or moved. It can also determine your ability to develop and implement future applications. Without well thought-out data architecture, developers may have to write convoluted codes to modify your existing system, hindering maintenance and eventually causing performance degradation.

GURU offers the ability to analyze, structure, and secure your data. Our data architecture services help clients maximize their databases usability and performance. We work to understand the business’ goals and data types, so we can create a solution that improves data quality, and employee productivity and efficiency. We design for the future, making your architecture expandable, giving you the ability to implement new applications and easily transport data. Here are just some of the services we provide:

  • Data Cloud Environments to house data
  • Data analysis to better organize and understand your data
  • Accessibility to your data via API or other secure channels
  • Improve database performance to scale

Whether you need a backend database solution to improve data quality, security, or support decision making, we understand your needs and can help build a solution that will enable you unprecedented access to your data.

Business Intelligence Tools

We also provide hosted access to several business intelligence (BI) tools including Microstrategy, Tableau, and Pentaho. With these tools you can easily discover trends and make better business decisions without days or weeks of data collection. With our scalable BI tools you can quickly visualize key business metrics and make informed decisions from your desktop or mobile device.

These business analytics tools allow users to:

  • Create clear, visual reports in minutes with limited technical knowledge
  • Build business analytics dashboards to quickly view business metrics
  • Combine and analyze data from multiple sources

These tools will not only save your business the time and effort usually required to collect and prepare data, they also allow stakeholders the ability to easily understand and absorb key information.

Whether it’s in-house, SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS, GURU takes care of managing all aspects of your data, allowing you to take full advantage of these solutions with the efficiencies and benefits of outsourcing. Our goal is to make your data more accessible and structured so you have the opportunity to focus on what’s important: your business. Let us take care of your data needs.

Call us today at 301.987.8950 to speak to a Data Architect about your data architecture or contact us online for more information.